Curating The Right Content For Your Audience

Utilizing The Buyer Persona Use your buyer persona to make content that is made for your specific audience, you can conduct social media research to find out what kinds of key words and phrases are used most commonly by your target demographic. Using that information, make sure you add those words into your post toContinue reading “Curating The Right Content For Your Audience”

ROI Is One of The Most Valued Metric That Companies Use In Terms Of Measuring Success

RETURN ON INVESTMENTS (ROI) This metric is key for all people engaging in any form of a social media strategy should , I have ROI is used to measure the number of leads generated, the amount of conversions and ultimately the percentage of actual sales made from the landing page or content site that yourContinue reading “ROI Is One of The Most Valued Metric That Companies Use In Terms Of Measuring Success”

Your Guide To Social Media Measurement

Site Traffic Monitor the total number of unique visitors to your page. Also monitor your page views; this is the total number of times a certain page on your site has been viewed. Keep up with the unique page views; if a single user has viewed your page multiple times, these visits are combined intoContinue reading “Your Guide To Social Media Measurement”

Trust The Process

Step 1: PLAN Creating a Buyer Persona Finding Content Using Buyer Personas Ensure the persona you create accurately represents your target audience Age Location Occupation Income Level Level of Education Hobbies Challenges and Goals Personality Summary Values and Fears Where Do They Get Their Information From Content Strategy Know your buyer persona to the point whereContinue reading “Trust The Process”

Calendars Are Always A Great Idea

The biggest struggle that marketers face, is “running out of content”. A strategy that is used by many successful brands is a template called a content calendar. A content calendar is a resource plan with content ideas strategically placed during different times of the calendar year, with media that will match your current buyer personas.Continue reading “Calendars Are Always A Great Idea”

Finding Content Using Buyer Personas

Buyer Persona For starters what is a buyer persona? A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customers, this includes their desires, demographics, and pain points. Buyer personal consists of age, gender, career, industry, location, behaviors, problems, and interests. Personas are ever-changing and must be updated frequently to keep up with the current trendsContinue reading “Finding Content Using Buyer Personas”

Being Content with your Content (Marketing)

“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” David Beebe It’s all about the WHY Hi, My name is Shri Shah and i’m a marketing student as well as the marketing manager for a real estate team in Cleveland. It’s fairContinue reading “Being Content with your Content (Marketing)”