Curating The Right Content For Your Audience

Utilizing The Buyer Persona

Use your buyer persona to make content that is made for your specific audience, you can conduct social media research to find out what kinds of key words and phrases are used most commonly by your target demographic. Using that information, make sure you add those words into your post to draw the readers attention and make the content personal for them.

Create Content That Is Eye-Catching

Grab your reader’s attention by using powerful and high quality images that are both relevant and in tune with your feed’s layout. Ensure that the content is easy to read and designed in a manner which will drive your audience to engage with it.

Know What Time To Post & Where to Post

Different channels have different times of peak user activity, the goal of this step is to post at the time where majority of your audience is online. This will increase the number of users who will scroll past your content, which means more people are likely to engage with it when they see it. Use the infographic below to see which times are best to post on various social channels.

Create Content That Adds Value

Content marketing is so much more than advertising your products or services, if this is your only form of marketing then your business will likely not succeed. The audience likes content that adds value to their lives, by answering questions, providing insight, giving solutions, and many other methods. The goal of adding value will help your audience to build a sense of brand recognition and eventually grow their brand loyalty. We should aim our content to our buyer and whichever stage they are at in their buying journey.

In Conclusion….

Curated content is better than normal content to gain reach, engagements, conversions, and loyalty

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