ROI Is One of The Most Valued Metric That Companies Use In Terms Of Measuring Success

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This metric is key for all people engaging in any form of a social media strategy should , I have ROI is used to measure the number of leads generated, the amount of conversions and ultimately the percentage of actual sales made from the landing page or content site that your work was on.The way to measure this is by taking into consideration the amount of time and effort that the marketing team (or you) spent trying to create that customer experience.

What To Track (KPI)

– Follower Count
– Impressions
– Web Traffic
– Share of Voice
– Clicks
– Likes / Comments
– Shares
– Sales Revenue
– Lead Conversion Rate
– Non-Revenue Conversions
– Cost Per Lead
– Issues Resolved
– Customer Lifetime Value

It’s important to know about which social channel you are using so that you can clearly identify which key indicator point will be best suited to measure the success of the content you’ve published.

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