Calendars Are Always A Great Idea

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The biggest struggle that marketers face, is “running out of content”. A strategy that is used by many successful brands is a template called a content calendar.

A content calendar is a resource plan with content ideas strategically placed during different times of the calendar year, with media that will match your current buyer personas. This strategy will help the marketer stay organized and consistent with their social platforms.

Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.”

– Gustave Flaubert

  • Start with the basics
    • Schedule posts for monthly and annual holidays – scheduling posts for these dates will help you make sure your content is following themes posts per season.
    • Schedule posts and information for large social or business events which pertain to the specific industry you are in.
    • Schedule post for upcoming festivals, movie releases or other popular events that’ll relate with your audience. (Memes and GIFs will gain attention).
    • Business birthdays, anniversaries, company trip, company events and news.
  • Content Library
    • Create a solid library of various content ideas, this should come from your own creative ideas and thoughts, social listening channels and social research that you have conducted.
    • This content will not necessarily get published, use it so you can gain more ideas.
  • Re-purpose
    • 20% of your content should be original & 80% should be re-purposed.
    • Be sure to be give appropriate credit when re-purposing the content (make sure it is aligned across all social media platforms).
  • Create
    • 20% has to be your own creation. This can be anything from list, photographs, videos, diagrams and charts.
    • Content to infographics, summary of articles, tutorials, short videos, lesson, newsletter etc.
    • This step will take the longest
  • Plan
    • Create a process to have consistent 30 day planned content calendar.
  • Measure
    • It’s crucial to follow the trends and analytics of your posted content to identify the type of material that is most receptive to the audience.

Stay consistent with the content you publish, there is nothing worse in the marketing world than simply not posting. Having a content calendar is a great tool to make our lives easier when trying to come up with a plan. The content library is where you will store all your ideas and its also the perfect place to gain inspiration when it comes time to “create”. Say goodbye to marketers block and hello to a content calendar.

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