Finding Content Using Buyer Personas

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Buyer Persona

For starters what is a buyer persona? A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customers, this includes their desires, demographics, and pain points. Buyer personal consists of age, gender, career, industry, location, behaviors, problems, and interests. Personas are ever-changing and must be updated frequently to keep up with the current trends in your industries market as your customers needs change and your business grows.

Developing Personas

When creating buyer personas you need to refer to various sources to get the best representation of your ideal client or customer. Use website and social media analytics and perform a detailed analysis to further understand your target persona, you should follow online trends to determine what kind of content your customers currently view as well as what they avoid looking at. Pick out key motivators and compile all other relevant information and data you come across. Refer to your customer database, this will provide you with more information regarding your current customers demographic information such as; age, gender, and location. Using the database you can also track purchasing history to better understand how and when your customers are making their purchases. Conduct market research, look into your competitors strategies when it comes to marketing. Figure out what types of techniques they use to interact with their audience, conducting this research can also provide you with valuable information on what your ideal customers look like, as well as what kind problems and challenges they are looking to solve. Request feedback from your sales team, the sales team can give you further information about the current requests and objections of your target audience. Gather hands-on customer insight, use various types of content formatting such as polls, surveys, and quizzes to find out what your customers want and need. You can also gain more insight by checking the customer reviews of your own firm as well as your competitors.

Putting In The Work

Using this information you can come up with an idea of what your target audience is interested in seeing. When finding content to publish you need to make sure you hit a couple of key requirements; firstly, the content must be of quality. This means your links should be credible, accurate, and full of appeal to your audience, also avoid articles with advertisements and pop-ups covering the page. The images and videos you publish should also be clear and in good resolution. Secondly, you must make sure the content you are publishing is relevant and timely. Have the post be appropriate based on the time of the year, and make sure the content is going to interest your personas.

Tips For Creating Content

Every post you make should match your buyer personas, use the data you have accumulated to create content which will encourage the most engagements.

  • Style and Tone: It’s crucial to know and understand your target customers when writing content, this way you can adapt the text to match their tone, style, and specific words.
  • Problem-Solution Strategy: Most people look online for ways to solve their problems, we as marketers can use this as an opportunity to offer our goods and services as a solution to their frustrations instantly. Use the target audience’s pain points to appropriately use this strategy
  • Pick Out The Right Keywords: Expand your keyword generation to topics outside of just your industry, find words and topics that will appeal to your target audience.
  • Blog Topic Creation: Choose blog topics which are most likely to catch the interest of your ideal customers, this strategy will reduce the rate of which customers exit the content. This will also increase the conversion rate of your business.
  • Website Content: Make sure the website you are using is easy to use and it should be tailored and designed to fit your target persona. This includes the color scheme, layout, font, pictures, and other blocks on the website.
  • Social Media Strategy: This is how your customers behave in various ways depending on which social media platform they are on. Know when and where to post so that you are generating the most attention possible on your content.

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