Being Content with your Content (Marketing)

“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

David Beebe

It’s all about the WHY

Hi, My name is Shri Shah and i’m a marketing student as well as the marketing manager for a real estate team in Cleveland. It’s fair to say I’ve seen my share of poor advertising across social media platforms, majority of the time the product or service is over sold in the advertisement. Luckily, in this post I’ll share some of the key things that you need to know before you make your next status update on LinkedIN or Facebook.

First off, many of you are probably wondering what content marketing is; In simple terms, content marketing is when you consistently publish content that is both valuable and relevant to your target audience. The goals of doing so are to create brand awareness, to encourage audience engagement, to further amplify lead generation, to drive loyalty from the customers, and finally the most important goal is to increase sales and profit. When creating content to post, one needs to make sure they’re putting information out which their potential customers will find useful. You should be answering their questions on WHY to chose your product/service rather than your competitors, content should include topics on what makes your business different (find your own ‘unique story’ for your brand). A marketer needs to be strategic with the way they go about planning their post schedule, all posts should be similar in layout and design, and they should be appropriately spaced out. Before putting all this into place, figure out a system which will allow you to track the performance of each of your posts- this will give further insight into what exactly your audience is interested in (we call this a measurement plan). Content marketing can be time consuming, but this is also the content that your audience is the most likely to engage with – which will ultimately drive business.

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